Hello and welcome to Mick’s boat course newsletter. The idea of this newsletter is to provide everyone with information and news relating to my courses and what’s happening the recreational boating and jetski (PWC) community.

Recently there has been some very nasty incidents involving PWC’s both locally (Portarlington) and overseas (Thailand). Close to home there was a collision involving a PWC and a motor boat a few weeks ago. Both vessels were significantly damaged and the occupants were both lucky to not have suffered more significant injuries. Abroad were have read about the young lady who unfortunately lost her life. (See attached article care of the Geelong advertiser)

This is a very good reminder to all PWC and boat users to pay attention, remember the rules relating to speed and distances we must maintain around people and other vessels. We must keep a speed of 5 knots or less within 50 meters of anything! As all the people know who have attended my courses there is a large proportion dedicated to safety and this is why we must always remain diligent and follow the rules. Remember to always wear a PFD (personal flotation device/lifejacket).

If anyone needs to refresh their memory relating to the rules, they can either did out their handbooks or they can visit transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety